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''A tool is but the extension of a man's hand''

            -Henry Ward Beecher


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 Welcome To Garden tools list

If you buy a good, well made garden tool then gardening will be a pleasure.If you buy a tool that breaks or bends, the pleasure is replaced by frustration and disappointment.

Having worked as a landscape mechanic repairing broken tools and servicing gardening equipment, I started this website to provide information and advice about what makes a good garden tool. My aim is also to build a comprehensive garden tools list as many people are unaware of the wide variety that is available to them.

As well as advice on tool buying, we have tips on using the tools as well as suggested maintenance to keep them in top condition.

garden spadeDigging Tools

Garden forks and spades are a must have, for any digging tasks in the garden but which is the right one for you?  Do you need a border spade or a digging spade or both? We explain the differences and the advantages and disadvantages of both.


garden hoeCultivating Tools

We unravel the difference between different types of hoe and tell you why might need to add a swoe to your garden tools list. Are hand cultivators and rakes a must have tool for your list? well possibly. Why not take a look at our cultivating pages.


secateurs or hand prunersPruning Tools

Secateurs or hand pruners come in three different types bypass, anvil and ratchet. We look at all three and tell you how to maintain them and give you tips for buying. Need to prune higher than ground level? We have some useful information on loppers and pole pruners in our pruning pages.


leaf rakeLawn Care

Lawns need looking after to help them stay green and lush.Regular clearing of leaves and debris are part of that care. We look at the options available including fixed head and adjustable head lawn rakes, leaf collecting tools and dethatching rakes.


garden kneelerKneeling Equipment

Just for people with bad knees? Definitely not. We should all look after our knees and here we look at the different types of knee protection available to keep our joints in good condition. From knee pads to foam pads and kneeling benches theres something to add to everyones garden tools list.


garden wheel barrowWheel Barrows

We have some maintenance tips that will keep your barrow in good working order and take a look at the different models available. Are Traditonal one wheeled barrows the only ones to consider before purchase? or should you take a look at folding barrows?


rain barrelHow To

Want to install a rain diverter or sharpen your hand tools? We show you how with our guides. As well as text these contain pictures to help understand the process involved.

Latest Articles:

If you have had young plants or veg eaten by slugs and snails this summer, why not make a 9v electric slug fence to keep them at bay, its cheap and easy and we have pictures and step by step instructions.

With the leaf collection season just around the corner why not invest in a leaf blower/vacuum. These make a seasonal chore a lot easier.

Cats using your garden as a litter tray can be frustrating and stressful but there are several deterrents that can help with the problem

Solar water features have advanced considerably in the past few years with timers, battery backups and Led lights being added.

With everyone having to make cutbacks making a composter for free is a great way to save some money. We have step by step instructions as well as ideas where you can obtain some free pallets for this project. 

Would you like to recycle more than just compost in the garden? visit our garden recycling page for some ideas including making mini cloches out of metal clothes airers.

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