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How To

Welcome to our how to page. We intend to add articles regularly with pictures as well as text for easier following.

Sharpen Tools

Some tools can be easily sharpened with just a vice and a file. Keeping the original manufacturers angle on the blade is critical to having a good cutting and long lasting edge. We show you an easy way to do this.

Get Rid of Moss Without Using Chemicals

Does your lawn suffer from moss? We have a chemical free way of getting rid of it and giving your grass a boost at the same time.

Install a Rainwater Diverter

Plants benefit from being watered with rain water. Installing a rain diverter will fill your rain barrel very quickly.

All you need is a down pipe, a cheap diverter kit and a rain barrel. We have photos to show you how easy it is to install one of these.

Make Leaf Mould

Collecting fallen autumn leaves can be a chore so why not put them to good use by making some leaf mould.

It’s really easy to do and you can either turn the leaves into mulch to put around the base of your plants or a soil conditioner.

Make a Composter

With everyone on a, budget making things for free is a great way to save some money.

Using free wooden pallets you can make your own composter that will last for years. It’s easily assembled and is large enough to take all your garden and kitchen waste.

Make an Electric Slug and Snail Fence

Snails and slugs will eat young plants, strawberry’s and vegetables. A cheap and easy to make homemade 9 v electric fence around the perimeter is a good deterrent.

These work by sending an electric shock though them each time they try to get to your plants or vegetables.

Get rid of Dandelions Without Using Chemicals

Chemical free ways of removing dandelions such as salt, vinegar and boiling water are becoming more popular due to their non toxic and biodegradable properties, they are also cheaper than their chemical counterparts.