Garden Tools List
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''A tool is but the extension of a man's hand''

            -Henry Ward Beecher



Lawn Care Tools


If you want to keep your lawn looking good and healthy, you will need a few tools to help do the job.

Lawn Rake

leaf rakeA great tool for raking leaves up, and can also be used for scarifying if you do not have a dethatching rake. Would a metal or plastic rake be better? see our page on lawn rakes.




Lawn Edger

lawn edgerIf you have edges around your lawn, a lawn edger will keep them neat and tidy but is stainless or carbon steel the better option? we have some great tips on our lawn edger page.




 Dethatching Rake


Scarifying your lawn is easily achieved with a dethatching rake. These will remove an organic build up on your lawn known as thatch. Learn how here on our dethatching rake page.




Lawn Edging Shears

lawn edging shearsMowed the lawn and need to cut the overhanging grass around the edges? Long handled grass shears will save you having to bend down to do the job. we look at them in detail on the lawn edging shears page.




 Leaf Collecting Tools

leaf collectorsWant to collect those fallen leaves quickly? Then these may be just what you need, but how do you use them? We have the answer and a tips for preventing possible problems.






Lawn Aerators

lawn aeratorWe all want our lawns to look healthy and green but even lawns need some TLC now and then. All lawns eventually will suffer from compaction and if left unattended this will gradually start to show.Aerating your lawn along with dethatching will give it a new lease of life. We look at the two main different types of aeration and the tools needed to do the job.