Plant and Prune Between Rainy Days in February in Southern California


With February being the rainiest month of the yr in southern California and the floor already saturated with the aid of January downpours, gardeners want to remember the moist climate when planning their lawn activities this month.

Prune Rose Bushes: After the threat of frost has beyond, February is the time to prune rose trees. Pruning whilst there’s nevertheless the opportunity of frost can cause harm to any new increase. Clear stems from the center of the bush to bring in light and inspire air move. Make certain all useless steams and wayward branches are eliminated and final stems do now not touch every different or cross over each other.

Take Care of Snails Naturally: Snails like a cool, wet soil in order that they thrive in southern California winters. Some natural approaches to preserve snails at bay: upload vegetation to the garden that snails do not like including sage, rosemary and mint; region a layer of mulch or beaten eggshells around flowers (snails don’t just like the hard floor); sprinkle used espresso grounds by the base of plants (additionally top for the soil).

Cut Back Perennials: The gain of perennials is that they develop 12 months round, but that still manner that vegetation can quickly come to be overgrown and unruly. Cut back perennials by trimming lengthy stems so they’re no extra than 10 inches lengthy. Perennials will grow lower back fuller and more healthy in spring.

Continue to Plant Cool Weather Vegetables: Plant all kinds of lettuce in addition to carrots, beets, peas, potatoes and radishes.

Plant A Quick Herb Garden: Plant seasonal herbs that thrive in cooler weather: arugula, chives, cilantro, dill, fennel and parsley.

Trim Low Growing Ornamental Grasses: Low developing ornamental grasses together with blue oatgrass, purple moorgrass, blue fescue and liriope, develop slowly for the duration of winter. Take the opportunity to scale back on these grasses so they are handiest 5 to six inches tall.

Don’t Over Fertilize Houseplants: Houseplants experience the outcomes of winter. Their increase slows so do not overfeed them. Instead, make certain they acquire lots of daylight and they may be kept well watered. Wash leaves to get rid of dust and grime which can have collected.

Add Color To Your Landscape: Get a jump on spring through adding colorful flora already in bloom. Long lasting blooming vegetation to plant in late February consist of pansies, violas, primrose, snapdragons and calendulas.

Update Gardening Equipment: Now is a great time to easy and replace your gardening gadget so it is prepared for spring.


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